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Each of the roommates agrees to follow the rules and conditions set out in the attached lease and in this Roommate Agreement. 2. Each of the roommates shall ...
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I'd like to begin the meeting by congratulating you on the progress in your relationship with dr Stephanie thank you and that being said we have to discuss the implementation of the agreed-upon cohabitation Rider which has been activated now the two of you were living together we're not living together I beg to disagree a girlfriend shall be deemed quote living with unquote Leonard when she has stayed over for a 10 consecutive nights or be more than nine nights in a three week period or C all the weekends of a given month plus three weeknights that's absurd you initialed it see LH LH wait I only initialed it because I never thought it would happen I just showed another clause giving you my sidekick in case I get super power yes you did yeah yeah she seems very nice oh she is she's terrific yeah and she's proving to be a valuable roommate roommate you guys are living together like hippies we're not living together do I have to pull out the paperwork again we're not living together are you sure how could I not be sure well let's find out don't you think if a woman was living with me I'd be the first one to know about it Oh sweetie you'd be the last one to know about hmm cute dresses I bet this looks great on you we're not living together okay hmm scented candles fuzzy slippers ooh floral bedsheets we're not living together okay moving on uh who are these guys at Disney World uh the big dog is goofy and the older couple with the mouse ears I have no idea we're not living together you're gonna go down swinging huh all right well we got your body lotion your InStyle magazine your jewelry box we're not where's my bat signal you have a bat-signal I did was right here she must have oh my god we're living together really what was your first clue